[Reitaisai 14] xi-on – UNDER FEST -アンダー・フェスト-

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[xi-on] – UNDER FEST
Genre – Orchestral, instrumental

Hi everyone! It’s my first music related post in a while, as explained in my previous post. First up on the review list is an amazing album by xi-on, released a few weeks ago during Reitaisai 14.

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[Reitaisai 11] Secret Messenger – Last Lovers


Originally published 7/29/2014 

This album is kind of a late review, being a Reitaisai 11 release. I couldn’t find it anywhere on the web so I had to resort to actually buying it myself.

Secret Messenger is the name of Yuy’s current circle. Yuy used to be known as t=node, back when he made touhou arrangements. Yuy has a pretty unique style of music, utilizing seemingly random sounds and instrument notes at times in addition to long buildups and breakdowns. Since working as Secret Messenger and composing his own music, Yuy has been utilizing vocalists in his music. Overall his style is something that you’ll either love or hate.

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