[Comiket 89] AVTechNO! – PULSE


Genre – Electronic, Vocaloid, Original
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Originally published 2/16/2016
I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard this preview on 9tensu, long after C89 was over. AVTechNO! is a doujin circle that I’ve never heard of before, but it seems have been around for a while. Vocaloid fans will probably be more aware of his works than touhou fans, as he only makes vocaloid music. He specializes in techno and electronic music as his name implies, but his works vary a bit in style.

PULSE is an EP consisting of two songs voiced by Hatsune Miku, an instrumental track, and instrumental versions of the Miku songs. It’s the first vocaloid album that I’ll be reviewing here! Read on for the full review.

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[Comiket 86] EastNewSound – Perpetual Devotion


Originally published 9/19/2014
I’m back with another C86 album review!

Perpetual Devotion is the first of two albums that ENS has released during C86, featuring some arrangements from the latest Touhou game, Double Dealing Character.

ENS has been around the doujin scene for a while and quite frankly, their music style hasn’t changed too much over the past few years. A few months ago during Reitaisai 11, they only released a “Best Of” album and a instrumental version of their C885 album. So there wasn’t any new content from them during the last event. However, they are now back with two new albums in Comiket 86.

First up is Perpetual Devotion, a touhou arrangement album. Listening to the crossfade, I found that most of the tracks on the album are very similar in style to ENS’s older works. That’s good if you like their music; as for me… not so much. I often times find that I end up liking maybe 1-3 tracks in their albums, and it seems to be the case again for Perpetual Devotion. Track 3 is my favorite thus far, with its trance and buildup.

I’m not too hyped for ENS, but at the very least I’d like to hear the tracks that I liked from the crossfades, and I would of course like to hear Yuduki Tsubaki’s voice too!

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[Comiket 86] Alstroemeria Records – FLASHLIGHT

Originally published 8/17/2014
From my preview:

A Comiket wouldn’t be complete without Alstroemeria Records.

As usual, Alstroemeria’s albums can be a hit or miss (usually misses). In FLASHLIGHT, Alstroemeria has its usual cast of vocalists in Nachi Sakaue, Mei Ayakura, mican*, ayame, and guest vocalist Sae Tsukiyama.

In this case, the crossfade sounded decent. Minoshima tends to go towards the heavy and harder EDM style nowadays, which I don’t like as much compared to his older style. But there are a few tracks that I liked from the crossfade, like track #2 with Nachi, #3 with Mai Ayakura, and #7 with guest vocalist Sae Tsukiyama.

There are also two remixes of Alstroemeria’s older works. The first is a remix of Bad Apple, but I still prefer the original arrangement by Minoshima from Lovelight (R4). The second is an remix done by REDALiCE, of End of Daylight. It’s a very fast pace arrangement that’s typical of his style.

I don’t think FLASHLIGHT will be as good as Cloud 9, but we’ll see!

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[Comiket 77] Syrufit – show me your love


Originally published 7/17/2014 
show me your love is the first album by Syrufit/Poplica, released during Comiket 77, The album features arrangements Syrufit (hiro.na), Poplica (tak-sk), and vocals by Tsubaki Ichimatsu, Mei Ayakura, Nachi Sakaue, and SHIKI.  Syrufit and Poplica are two of my favorite doujin circles featuring Electronic, DnB, Trance, EDM, and chillout music.

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