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Komeiji Sisters by @Kiiminy

Hello everyone!

Subterranean Animism is easily my favorite game in terms of music, along with Mountain of Faith. Most recently, xi-on’s UNDER FEST was easily my favorite album of Reitaisai 14. I recently had the opportunity to commission some artwork from @kiiminy, so I thought it would be pretty cool to have her draw the Komeiji Sisters.


They’re just adorable, aren’t they?! I love the usage of Koishi’s eye to form a hear the middle of the two sisters. I also love their glowing chibi eyes! Really outstanding work, and totally exceeded my expectations. I do have 1 more commission from her, which will be coming in sometime in the future.

Also, you may share the image but please credit it to @kiiminy and do not use it for any personal use.  If you guys are interested in commissioning some chibis from her, her form is still open! $20 per character.

On a side note, we should be getting some Comiket 92 previews pretty soon. I’m excited for some more Touhou music!

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