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[Reitaisai 14] xi-on – UNDER FEST -アンダー・フェスト-

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[xi-on] – UNDER FEST
Genre – Orchestral, instrumental

Hi everyone! It’s my first music related post in a while, as explained in my previous post. First up on the review list is an amazing album by xi-on, released a few weeks ago during Reitaisai 14.

With the release of UNDER FEST, xi-on shows that they’re a versatile circle willing to experiment outside of their comfort zone. They originally started out a rock circle but eventually branched out to Jazz with Eyes, Scarlet, and (MoF). The three albums were immediately impressive as xi-on produced some high quality and fun arrangements of EoSD, SA, and MoF themes. In addition, they also recently released a piano arrangement album and an instrumental album.

xi-on has branched out once again and this time with orchestral arrangements that rival those of foxfactory’s. Their styles are largely similar, but xi-on’s arrangements take on more of an eerie feel in some arrangements and they also manage to even incorporate drum kits in track #4. The album largely consists of arrangements of popular themes, with the exception of #6. My favorite track of the album ended up being #3, Heartfelt Fancy. I loved the eeriness of the arrangement and the choice of instruments used.

Subterranean animism bias aside, xi-on has produced a really amazing album this Reitaisai. Often times, circles get complacent with their music and style, and their arrangements start being stale over time (I’m looking at you, Alstroemeria Records). It’s not often that we get to hear something truly fresh from a circle that has been around for so long. As such, UNDER FEST is so far my favorite r14 album produced by a veteran circle. If you like Foxfactory or Kokyo Active NEETS, definitely take the time to check out xi-on’s latest album!

Download Links:
FLAC (harze from DoujinStyle)
MP3 (VK)

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