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[Comiket 89] Release Hallucination – Melancholia


[Release Hallucination] – Melancholia
Genre – Progressive Metal, Vocal, Original
Site | XFD

A short 2 track single by a progressive metal circle called Release Hallucination. It’s my first time hearing their work but it sounds pretty good. The recording quality is a tad bit better than what I’ve heard from other doujin hard rock or metal circles. The instruments aren’t smeared sounding and Emi’s voice is very clear. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re into Progressive Metal. Check out their Bandcamp page for their other works.

Originally published 3/1/2016

I’ve got another EP up for review today! This time it’s a progressive metal EP by Release Hallucination, a progressive metal circle consisting of Emi on vocals/lyrics and Kaorin on guitars/composition.

Now, I’ve only discovered them recently through Melancholia’s preview. Since then, I’ve listened to their previous EPs and full album. How did they sound? Pretty damn awesome. Read on for my brief impressions.

-Emi has a fantastic voice that really suits Kaorin’s compositions
-Kaorin has some pretty sick skills with the guitar in return
-I love the usage of strings in Melancholia
-Well developed themes and progression throughout the tracks
-The guitar solos, wow!!!
-Good sound quality, around the level of CROW’SCLAW’sIt’s no understatement that that Emi and Kaorin are very talented. They’re no Dream Theater but for a small doujin group, they’re very impressive. Release Hallucination is one of the best doujin circles I’ve discovered recently and I hope to hear more of their music in the future. There’s nothing that I can really fault them for with this EP, so it definitely deserves a listen if you’re into progressive metal.

Overall – 5/5 – As good as it gets.

If you liked what you heard from the preview, be sure to support them by buying their albums and EPs on bandcamp.

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