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[Comiket 89] Osamuraisan – Osamuraisan Selection vol.7 ~Bosa Lon~


[Osamuraisan] – Osamuraisan Selection vol.7 ~Bosa Lon~
Genre – Acoustic Guitar, Bossa Nova, Vocaloid/original
Site | XFD

Osamuraisan… how should I put this? He’s a damn doujin music GOD. I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of him before this album. I discovered this album randomly while looking through 9tensu’s C89 albums. The crossfade immediately caught my ears because I’ve been starving for some acoustic guitar music ever since Forest306 went on break (he’s sort of back now btw). In addition, the music was also Bossa Nova, one of my favorite genres! Third point, as if the first two weren’t enough, was the beautiful voice that I was hearing from Lon. I couldn’t resist listening to the album soon after hearing the preview.

A little bit about Osamuraisan: he is a solo doujin artist who specializes in making acoustic guitar arrangements of popular vocaloid songs. You can find his music on his YouTube channel, Spotify, and Google Music. I believe that his YT channel has a lot of arrangements that aren’t released on his albums, so be sure to check those out as well.

Anyways! Just to reiterate, this album is a bossa nova arrangement album of 6 popular vocaloid/original songs. They’re all sung by Lon but Osamuraisan also included 6 instrumental versions for those who are more interested in his guitar work. Ready for the review? Read on!

Lon is the real star of the album. She hits her high notes incredibly well in 1. アスノヨゾラ哨戒班 and 5. 未来景イノセンス. She can change her voice to be incredibly cheerful and uplifting like in 2. ハッピーシンセサイザ, and more somber like in tracks 3. サリシノハラ and 4. rain stops, good-bye. You can just hear how incredible of a singer Lon is, and just how much emotion she pours into her singing. While the instrumental tracks are outstanding, they serve a much better purpose in complementing Lon’s vocals. Sometimes it’s nice to have different vocalists in an album but in this case, Lon is able to fill in all of roles that’s needed of her. That’s pretty incredible when it comes to doujin music.

Vol.7 ~Bosa Lon~ stays true to the Bossa Nova style with the instrumental choice and overall relaxing feel. I find that vocal tracks to be overall more engaging and interesting to listening to while the instrumental versions are great for relaxing to. I find myself able to listen through both versions of the songs without getting bored at all.

The sound quality in this album is excellent! As with other albums with good sound quality, the instruments and vocals can be distinctly heard from each other. Lon’s voice is incredibly clear, and I’m able to hear the quick breaths that she takes in-between the lyrics.

Well I think my praise for this album really showed from the first paragraph. Perhaps I’m biased because I love acoustic guitar and bossa nova arrangements, but I think that we can all agree that Osamuraisan and Lon make for an amazing pairing. Vol.7 ~Bosa Lon~ is an excellent example of what a touch notch doujin album sounds like.

Overall – 5/5 – As good as it gets.

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