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[Comiket 89] AVTechNO! – PULSE


Genre – Electronic, Vocaloid, Original
Site | XFD

Originally published 2/16/2016
I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard this preview on 9tensu, long after C89 was over. AVTechNO! is a doujin circle that I’ve never heard of before, but it seems have been around for a while. Vocaloid fans will probably be more aware of his works than touhou fans, as he only makes vocaloid music. He specializes in techno and electronic music as his name implies, but his works vary a bit in style.

PULSE is an EP consisting of two songs voiced by Hatsune Miku, an instrumental track, and instrumental versions of the Miku songs. It’s the first vocaloid album that I’ll be reviewing here! Read on for the full review.

The first track, Artery, succeeds in getting my blood pumped throughout my body with it’s exciting opening, The thrilling build up combined with Miku’s vocals make for a fantastic combination. Vein, however, is a slow paced song in contrast to Artery. The calm and soothing piano accompanied by Miku’s mechanized voice feels strangely peaceful. Lastly, the title track, Pulse, delivers a consistent beat and tempo that builds up and changes all throughout. The instrumental versions of the Miku songs actually sound very good on their own, which is a sign that they were very well composed. While everyone may not enjoy vocaloid, the instrumental versions are worth listening to on their own.

PULSE is the first vocaloid album that I’ve liked in a while, and certainly one of the best albums that I’ve heard from Comiket 89. The quality of AVTechNO!’s compositions combined with the close adherence to the album’s theme makes it stand out amongst the doujin music out there.  As such, PULSE gets a full score from me.

Overall – 5/5 – As good as it gets.

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