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[Rewrite] S2 EP01 – Three Cups of Coffee


A captivating opening animation from 8bit

Ahh Rewrite… it had so much potential as an anime adaptation of one of the most popular visual novels out there. However, just like Grisaia no Kajitsu (also animated by 8bit), the first season was very disappointing. From the start, it was bound to fail because of the sheer length of Rewrite. In order to condense so many hours of reading into 13 episodes, sacrifices had to be made. Routes were abridged, and we never really get to see the main characters fully fleshed out.

I first read Rewrite nearly 4 years ago, so my memories of finer details are hazy. My mind was able to fill in a lot of the gaps that the anime left out, but a newcomer would probably be quite confused. I wouldn’t recommend the anime to anyone who hasn’t read the VN. At the very least, season 1 of Rewrite brought back a lot of good memories of my favorite VN.

I digress though. This is a new season of Rewrite which just aired over the weekend. It’ll cover the Moon and Terra routes, which are considered the true routes of Rewrite. They are pretty much linear, so there is potential for 8bit to redeem themselves and create a season that’s worthy of the original source. Read on for my thoughts on the first episode of the season!


The episode opens up with the ending of Kotori’s route and eventually leads to Kotarou discovering the many lives and possibilities of his life.


Shizuru’s theme always makes me want to tear up


I saw this one coming lines away


This was so sweet, though unlikely


Can’t say I remember much about her


Definitely NOT what I was expecting


Maybe Kotarou is secretly a masochist?


One of the scenarios I would have liked to have seen animated


Well… they did fight in season 1


This was a scene from Shizuru’s route. Would have liked to have seen more!

Eventually, Kotarou finds Kagari on top of a hill looking at glyph on the ground and tries to make contact. He fails and gets killed many times in the process.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t all of this supposed to be happening on the Moon? Hence, the Moon route? But somehow the hill and Kagari are in the ruins of Kazamatsuri city. Anyways though, Katarou walks around the city and finds remnants of a city with life.


Kotarou finds a pendant in Chihaya’s house

Eventually, Kotarou makes his attempts at communicating with Kagari and decides to make coffee for Kagari. Somehow it works and all it takes is three cups of coffee to get her attention and approval.


Kotarou making a pour-over with probably a Hario v60


Kagari is intrigued!

And well… that’s pretty much the end of the episode. Three Cups of Coffee didn’t really explain why Kotarou is still alive, why Kazamatsuri is in ruins, or what Kagari is up to. The VN readers already know this, but I’m sure the first time watchers are probably clueless to those three things. Overall the episode was alright, but we end up mostly just listening to Kotarou reminiscing and talking to himself. It’s unfortunate that the anime watchers don’t get to see Kotarou’s other lives fleshed out, but it’s a necessary evil to move the plot on. Despite all that, I’m still somewhat enjoying the anime at least!

Let’s see what’ll happen with the next episode!


I could probably say the same thing about season 1’s plot

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