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[Grisaia no Kajitsu] EP3 – Sweet Diet

Originally published 11/1/2014
E/N: I believe this is the last episode that I wrote about before I went back to Touhou music. Would you guys be interested in me writing about the rest of the episodes sometime in the future?

Best part of the episode? The ED with the CVs. Overall the episode was fun to watch, but there are a few things that I would like to nitpick on.  Read on for episode spoilers and thoughts.

I felt that the shark pouch scene dragged on for too long (about 7 minutes!) There’s actually supposed to be a backstory to why Yuuji responds to “cute” with his autopilot voice but that would have made the scene even longer than it needed to be. However, it was pretty successful in fleshing out Sachi as a perfectionist who will do anything to get things done properly, and Michiru as a caring individual despite her “tsundere” status.

The nursing room scene with Amane was a little rushed in comparison. From what I remember of the VN, the scene is supposed to be a bit more serious and emotional rather than comedic. Amane, in this episode, comes off clingy but with good intentions. The first scene in this episode with Amane was really comedic though, and my room mate accused me of watching hentai xD.

The Michiru + cat scene was done really well with Yuuji’s military commands and Michiru’s airheadedness (is that even a word?) The CV was just great, and fits in with the animation style and its VN roots.

Makina in this episode, doesn’t get much air time but we get to see her open up more to Yuuji and even start to look up to him.

Yumiko gets even less air time this episode than Makina, but that’s okay because the last episode was dedicated to her.

In this episode, we get a better feel of Yuuji and his thought processes. He is very careful for his own safety and takes it really hard on himself when he makes a mistake. He starts to accept his role as a student in Mihama Academy and puts in the effort to get along and become friends with everyone.

This was already mentioned in my last post, but the voice acting is so damn good! The Seiyuu for Yuuji is Sakurai Takahiro. Some of you may recognize him as Leon from Kaleido Star (a surprisingly good anime about gymnastics), Cloud Strife from Advent Children, Fakir from Princess Tutu, and Oshino from the Monogatari series. Common traits between all those characters? They’re all badasses. Takahiro does a fantastic job at getting Yuuji’s overly serious yet nonchalant character across with his interactions with the other characters as well as with his inner thoughts.

Unfortunately this time around, it seems like the anime misses out on some very good scenes. From what it looks like, we’re up to the end of about page 2 of the common route scenes. Most of the scenes that were skipped are mostly comedic scenes that don’t contribute too much to character development, so it’s not too bad as long as the producers select the more important scenes to show. Still… I miss reading the VN and having all the content. They’ll probably end up skipping the scene where Michiru and Makina attempt to speak English to each other :(.


Another complaint that I have about the anime, after having watched three episodes, is that the lewdness of the fan service and scenes probably eliminates most of the female population from wanting to watch Grisaia. At first glance, Grisaia may just seem like a school life slice of life comedy, hentai, or romantic drama (aside from the darker scenes in the first episode). But there really is so much more to Grisaia than comedy, panties, and Amane’s boobs!

The real plot of Grisaia hasn’t quite started, as the common route is pretty long. With the season being only 13 episodes long, We’re about 1/4 the way through the season, and nearly 1/2 way done with the common route according to the VN’s scene gallery. I do wonder… how are they possibly going to fit each characters’ routes into those 13 episodes? Or even two seasons?

I suppose we’ll just have to keep watching!

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