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[Comiket 86] Preview, anticipations, and hype!


“Dat hip/chest ratio” -mechgamer123

Originally published 8/13/2014
Another summer, another Comiket.

For those new to the doujin scene, Comiket is an event that happens twice a year: once in the summer and once in the winter, right before the year ends. It’s the biggest event where people and groups release and sell their doujin goods throughout the year.

Looking back at the last Comiket, there were some amazing releases but also some disappointments. My favorite album from C85 is Sepia Recollections by CROW’SCLAW and the biggest disappointment would have to be Alstroemeria Records’ DECADE OF EXPOSE.

After going through some crossfades and preview videos, Comiket summer is looking to be pretty good this year in both music and games.

Anyways, let’s take a look at some of Comiket 86’s releases by the usual doujin circles! Thanks to the people over at Doujinstyle for providing links! Check their thread out for the rest of the C86 album sites and crossfades.


[CROW’SCLAW] – Loudness War
Genre – Heavy Metal
Site | XFD

Ever since Four Resolutions, I knew there was something special about Taka’s work. But it wasn’t until Sepia Recollections (C85) that I truly became a fan and worshiper of his music. Continuing off from Sepia, Caramel Crunch (R11) was a huge success as a Vocal Rock album.

In Loudness War, we get to hear Taka go back to his Heavy Metal style, Think of Sepia’s instrumental work and recording quality. Combine it with his improved guitar solos. No vocals in this album, but that’s okay because Taka’s guitar will speak for itself.

For fans of CROW’SCLAW and metal, this is the album to look out for. It’s an understatement to say that I’m hyped for this album. I’ve had great expectations from Taka ever since Sepia, and Taka’s music only seems to get better and better.

[EastNewSound] – Perpetual Devotion | Infect Paranoia
Genre – House/Trance/Electronic/Vocal
Site 1, Site 2 | XFD 1, XFD 2

ENS has been around the doujin scene for a while and quite frankly, their music style hasn’t changed too much over the past few years. A few months ago during Reitaisai 11, they only released a “Best Of” album and a instrumental version of their C885 album. So there wasn’t any new content from them during the last event. However, they are now back with two new albums in Comiket 86.

First up is Perpetual Devotion, a touhou arrangement album. Listening to the crossfade, I found that most of the tracks on the album are very similar in style to ENS’s older works. That’s good if you like their music; as for me… not so much. I often times find that I end up liking maybe 1-3 tracks in their albums, and it seems to be the case again for Perpetual Devotion. Track 3 is my favorite thus far, with its trance and buildup.

Next is an original album by ENS, Infect Paranoia. The crossfade didn’t impress me at all, but I did like the last three tracks.

I’m not too hyped for ENS, but at the very least I’d like to hear the tracks that I liked from the crossfades, and I would of course like to hear Yuduki Tsubaki’s voice too!


[Pizuya’s Cell] – 電幽バイオメトリクス | 地底の草庵小座敷
Genre – House/Electro/Rock | Piano/violin
Site 1, Site 2 | XFD 1 XFD 2

Continuing off from Pizuya’s last release, 電幽バイオメトリクス is the usual stuff that you’d expect from Pizuya’s. Like ENS, you’ll either like it or you won’t. The sound quality of the album isn’t that good either. However… looking at the credits, Taka has a guitar solo on track 9 so I’ll be sure to listen to that at least.

The second one is a bit different from Pizuya’s usual works. This time around the album consists of 17 arrangement from Subterranean Animism, so basically every original theme has been arranged except for the Staff Roll Theme. I’ve liked arrangements of Subterranean Animism ever since Foxfactory’s Chireiden no Oto (R11). Anyways, the crossfade was very pleasant to listen to and mainly consisted of piano tracks, with some violin here and there. When I got to Lullaby of Deserted Hell, it remind me a little of Yoshida Mirai’s piano work in Floods of Sounds (R7) (Do check out that album!). I believe this album will be an excellent instrumental album which will please those who like Piano arrangements and Subterranean Animism’s themes.

[Further Ahead Of Warp] – Sleeping Imperfect Blue
Genre – Hard rock/Screamo
Site | XFD

Hmm, the xrossfade sounded pretty decent. I’ve never heard of this circle before, but I’ll give it a chance since I want to listen to some more vocalists. The Screamo in this album is only for a few segments of some tracks and Isn’t overdone. So hopefully it won’t scare anyone away.

[Alstroemeria Records] – FLASHLIGHT
Genre – Electro, House, DnB, EDM
Site | XFD

A Comiket wouldn’t be complete without Alstroemeria Records.

As usual, Alstroemeria’s albums can be a hit or miss (usually misses). In FLASHLIGHT, Alstroemeria has its usual cast of vocalists in Nachi Sakaue, Mei Ayakura, mican*, ayame, and guest vocalist Sae Tsukiyama.

In this case, the crossfade sounded decent. Minoshima tends to go towards the heavy and harder EDM style nowadays, which I don’t like as much compared to his older style. But there are a few tracks that I liked from the crossfade, like track #2 with Nachi, #3 with Mai Ayakura, and #7 with guest vocalist Sae Tsukiyama.

There are also two remixes of Alstroemeria’s older works. The first is a remix of Bad Apple, but I still prefer the original arrangement by Minoshima from Lovelight (R4). The second is an remix done by REDALiCE, of End of Daylight. It’s a very fast pace arrangement that’s typical of his style.

I don’t think FLASHLIGHT will be as good as Cloud 9, but we’ll see!

[phase trax records] – 東方電音祭
Genre – Electro, House, DnB, EDM
Site | XFD

Not too much to say about this circle, since it’s my first time listening to their work. Seems like there is a different arranger for each track on the album. The track that I enjoyed the most from the crossfade is #4, with its upbeat arrangement of Broken Moon.

[DDBY] – Kutsurogi Time 4
Genre – Easy listening
Site | XFD

The fourth album in the Kutsurogi Time series brings more of the usual DDBY that I’ve come to love and enjoy. Relaxing music to put your mind at ease and to mellow out at the end of the day.

Simply enjoyable music to listen to, especially with the variety of music that DDBY has to offer with its large group of arrangers

[Marasy] – 幻想遊戯 <眠>2
Genre – Piano
Site | XFD

Marasy is a fairly well known Pianist in the doujin scene. This time it’s not his typical straight up piano arrangements of the Touhou themes but rather actual arrangements with his own style. The “crossfade” was only of one arrangement, Fall of Falls but it was quite beautiful. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

[Foxfactory] – 夏風の音
Genre – Instrumental
Site | XFD

Ahh Yukki Mizuhashi, one of my favorite arrangers. No orchestral this time around but rather just instrumental work. I always have high expectations of Yuki since he seems to always produce high quality, consistent music over the past year or so, going back to Fuujinroku no Oto (R10)


Every Comiket needs some good games to go along with it. Huge thanks to Edelweiss for making a compilation video of the Comiket 86 game releases. The video is split into four parts; definitely check out part 1 for the touhou releases and part 2 for some nice non-touhou games. The beginning of part 3 is NFSW but parts 3 and 4 didn’t have anything that caught my eye. At least the games weren’t even close to the quality of the games shown in the first two parts. (Note: you need a nico nico account to view the video. It’s free.)

The order of the games listed below correspond with the order that they appear in the video, with the exception of Marisa no Kirisame Mahouten since that game wasn’t in the video. Of course, not all games are mentioned in this post; only the ones that really stood out to me.

[Strawberry Bose] – Marisa no Kirisame Mahouten
Genre – RPG

Another RPG by Strawberry Bose! This time with Marisa as the main character. Based on the scene at the end of the video, the usable characters are Youmu, Sakuya, Mokou, Cirno, Satori, Flandre, Sanae, Reisen, Byakuren, and Iku, with Marisa as a support character in the background (similar to the commander role in Genius of Sappheiros).

The field/world is more of a dungeon/maze like place instead of the more open world like in Devil of Decline and Nightmare of Rebellion. The combat however seems to be similar to NoR, except with only three usable characters in battle.

It’s a pretty cool looking game and Strawberry Bose usually doesn’t disappoint with its RPGs. However, if they put DRM into the game like they did with their last few, fans will have a lot more trouble trying to translate the game or even playing it. It’s a shame, since Strawberry Bose knows how to make high quality JRPGs.

I’m not even done with Nightmare of Rebellion yet, so this game will have to wait for a while.

Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity
Genre – Action RPG/Platformer

WOW. This is one game that I’ll definitely need to check out. I was really impressed at the graphics considering that it’s a doujin game. The game play looks really fun as well, combining elements of hack and slash action rpg, platformers, and danmaku. This post has it better covered than I have, so I’ll let you read that instead.

Apparently that have a similar game released sometime back, which I will need to look into as well. I haven’t gotten much into the touhou doujin games aside from Strawberry Bose but there seems to be some really high quality stuff out there!

[AREA-ZERO] Magical Battle Arena NEXT
Genre – Aerial fighting

Well I’m not into fighting games… but this game looks pretty sick. The usable characters are from the Touhou universe and from various anime series, which is cool! Check out the thread over at the Shrine Maiden for more info.

Eastern Defense Bullet
Genre – Tower Defense

A pretty simple but cool looking tower defense game featuring touhou characters as “towers” you can build to clear waves. What impressed me the most was the music! The jazz arrangement of Faith is for the Transient People was amazing! I really want to know who did the arrangements for this game.

[Zenith Blue] – Sky Lens
Genre – 2d Action Platformer

Very cool game. The graphics and the settings reminds me a lot of Valkyrie Profile 2 but the combat is done in real-time on the stage.

[Novectable] – rose camellia fatamorgana
Genre – ???

LOL WHAT. Gotta watch it for yourself. Go to 02:43 in part 2 of the C86 game compilation video,


That about concludes the post for Comiket 86. I hope you enjoyed reading through the post, listening to the XFDs, and watching the PVs for the games. If you liked the post, please post comments, share with friends, and of course like on FB/Twitter. Thanks!

Just a few more days away. HYPEEEEEEEE!

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