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[Comiket 77] Syrufit – show me your love


Originally published 7/17/2014 
show me your love is the first album by Syrufit/Poplica, released during Comiket 77, The album features arrangements Syrufit (hiro.na), Poplica (tak-sk), and vocals by Tsubaki Ichimatsu, Mei Ayakura, Nachi Sakaue, and SHIKI.  Syrufit and Poplica are two of my favorite doujin circles featuring Electronic, DnB, Trance, EDM, and chillout music.

01 your love – show me your love opens up with an arrangement of Sakuya’s theme, Luna Dial. A very nice ambient track backed by the lovely vocals of Tsubaki Ichimatsu. It’s pretty slow sounding compared to the usual fast paced Luna Dial arrangements

02 Wheel – A bit of a strange opening with helicopters flying over head. An excellent upbeat duet between Tsubaki and Mei Ayakura. However, it doesn’t quite show off their individual voices as well as P-rhythm Players in Poplica’s later album, Love.

03 recollection – Flowing right from the previous track is recollection. A pretty simplistic track featuring Mei Ayakura. It doesn’t really pick up its pace til the last minute of the track.

04 Sweet sigh – A more heavy EDM arrangement, this time featuring my favorite vocalist, Nachi Sakaue! Typical of Syrufit and Poplica’s style, you only really get to hear Chinese Tea in a small segment of the arrangement. Pretty decent overall though.

05 liberate me – TAK-sk’s (Poplica) first solo arrangement of the album, and it ends up being my favorite! Though at first listen, the arrangement sounds more like hiro.na’s trance style. The track opens with with some very nice beats and synths before Tsubaki’s voice comes in. Her English lyrics in this track are pretty good! There is such a nice build up and drop in this arrangement, I love it!

06 hitokata. – Hmm… it’s okay. I didn’t really like the vocals of SHIKI on this track and the instrumentals weren’t that good aside from the piano playing the Higan Retour theme.

07 The world of noise – I liked the opening, but the rest wasn’t quite as good.

08 Power of Wind – Very nice. I liked the opening and the instrumentals in this arrangement. It builds up very quickly though!

09 AraHitoGami – An original track by hiro.na. The instrumentals were pretty nice but again, I didn’t really like SHIKI’s vocals here. I think the track would have been pretty nice if it were just instrumental.

10 outro side – A short instrumental ambient track. It’s nothing special, but I do like it.

11 ren – A slow paced track to end off the album. It seems like all three vocalists participated in this track. Umm… yeah. Didn’t like this one. It sounds like something from Syrufit’s AniPix’s days with spctrm.

Overall – 4/5

I’d say that the album is a pretty good start for Syrufit and Poplica. It was nice to hear Nachi’s voice in a Syrufit arrangement, but I’m not a fan of SHIKI’s voice. I’d recommend listening to at least your love, wheel, and liberate me. As for the album as a whole, I probably wouldn’t listen to it all the way through again.

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