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[Reitaisai 11] Recap and Summary

Originally published June and May of 2014, with multiple posts condensed into one summary post. 


Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: CLOUD 9
Genre: Electronic, EDM, Trance, Vocals
Rating: 4.5/5
Alstroemeria is back with some sweet upbeat trance! Much less EDM this time around compared to his last few albums. It’s quite a relief that this album turned out good, as Alstroemeria was headed towards the dark side with all that bad EDM.I think the non-vocal tracks were much weaker than the vocal tracks in this album and keeps the album from being a 5/5 out of me. The new vocalist, Takanashi Toriko, from track #4 ECCENTRICITY does a fantastic job in this album. Though the track was arranged by a guest, Camellia, I think it may be my favorite track out of the album thus far with the mix of Camellia’s style and Toriko’s vocals. The other vocal tracks come pretty close though, as the veteran vocalists performed very well for their respective tracks.This album is definitely worth a listen for fans of alstromeria record’s older works and those who are interested in electronic arrangements. Overall the album is just lots of fun to listen to!


Circle: foxfactory
Album: Touhou Gensoukai -Chireiden no Oto-
Genre: Orchestral
Rating: 5/5
Christian was over in my room when we listened to this album using our UERMs and it was just fantastic. Right after we finished the last track, I told him “5/5 easy and maybe the best reitaisai 11 album” he agreed! The only album that can top Chireiden no Oto for us would be CROW’SCLAW’s Caramel Crunch.Featuring the themes from Subterranean Animism, Yukkie brings us arrangements of popular themes such as Satori Maiden, Nuclear Fusion, Last Remote, etc. The style of the album is very similar to Fuujinroku no Oto in that the album is evenly paced with exciting tracks and relaxing ones inbetween. However in this album, Yukkie has really outdone himself with the arrangements. I feel like they’re more creative than ever before, and it’s simply impossible for me to pick a favorite track out of the album.This album is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys Touhou music, but most especially foxfactory fans.

Circle: Pizuya’s Cell
Album: 基底現実と仮想空間
Genre: Metal, Electronic, Vocals
Rating – 4/5
Hmm, the album was okay. It’s similar to Grand Guignol so if you liked that, you’ll probably like this album. I have to say that I prefer Pizuya’s older works.


Circle: Carrotwine / Ara
Album: Charisma Lush Type-R
Genre: Orchestral, Film
Rating – 4/5
Ehh, This album is very similar to the works of Tutti Sound. It’s the explosive style of orchestral music rather than the BGM orchestral style of Ara’s two older albums.


Album: Caramel Crunch
Genre: Rock, Vocals
Rating – 5/5
Yep… this album exceeded my expectations and ties Chireiden no Oto as my favorite Reitasai 11 album. Taka has outdone himself with this album, bringing his stylisitic guitars and solos in a more cheerful and upbeat way compared to Sepia Recollections. And of course, the vocalists in this album are outstanding, though I wish there were a Nachi Sakaue track. It was really fun to listen to all these familiar themes being arranged by Taka in a fresh new way.


Circle: DDBY
Album: Hifuu Ryokouki
Genre: Instrumental
Rating – -/5
Can’t say that I liked this album… it was pretty boring and simplistic to me. It’s a bit different sounding than DDBY’s usual albums


Circle: ShibayanRecords
Genre: Remixes (electronic, disco, etc)
Rating – -/5
I didn’t end up liking most of the remixes here except for the two Desert Years remixes, especially Nhato’s. The two remixes are just really fun to listen to, and of course the base arrangement being really good helped a lot.


Circle: ShibayanRecords
Album: TOHO bossanova 3
Genre: Bossa Nova
Rating – 4/5
Yes, Bossa Nova is an actual genre! I didn’t actually know that before. Overall I found the album enjoyable, with a mix of relaxing and upbeat music instrumental music, The tracks that I liked the most were #3 and #5 since they’re arranged by ham (foxtail-grass studios)


Circle: Surreacheese
Album: FETA
Genre: Jazz
Rating – 5/5
Excellent, just as I expected from Surreacheese! As you can see from the cute cover art, FETA is tropical themed Jazz. Yes, I know that sounds strange at first, but it really works! My favorite tracks go to Silky Hair for the excellent sax and guitar work and Magical Color for being an such a relaxing and unique arrangement of Emotional Skycraper.


Overall it was such a great event for Touhou music. My picks for the favorite albums of Reitaisai 11 are Caramel Crunch,  Touhou Gensoukai -Chireiden no Oto-, FETA, and CLOUD 9. Surreacheese and Foxfactory have always been consistent in their arrangement quality, so I’d like for them to continue with what they’re doing for the upcoming Comiket 86. CROW’SCLAW is heading into a great direction with Taka including vocals into his excellent guitar work, I really hope I get to hear Nachi Sakaue in his next album. Finally, I’m glad that Alstroemeria Records is heading into a different direction as his last few albums were pretty bad. CLOUD 9 was really refreshing and fun to listen to, and I hope Minoshima and his vocalists continue the great work.

So what did you guys think of Reitaisai 11? Please leave some comments below!

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