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[Reitaisai 11] Preview and anticipations

Originally published 5/11/2014

I’m a little late on the Reitaisai 11 preview post as the event already happened yesterday, but here it is! These are the albums that I am looking forward to listening to when they’re available on Doujinstyle. I’ll have a separate post for impressions / mini reviews of the Reitaisai 11 albums at a later time when I’ve listened to the albums.

Music will be available at Doujinstyle as they’re uploaded.

Read more for the whole post.



Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: CLOUD 9
Genre: Electronic, EDM, Trance, VocalsI really disliked ALR’s last few albums but I’m willing to give this new album a try as ALR is one of my favorite circles. Seems like 1/2 of this album consists of original tracks… but ALR’s usual vocalists like nachi, Mei Ayakura, mican*, and ayame* are featured on this album. There is also a new vocalist, Takanashi Toriko that I would like to hear on this album.


Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Genre: Electronic, EDM, Trance, VocalsCompilation of ALR’s previous works. Based on what I’ve heard on their previous compilations, the sound quality on the compilation albums are worse than the tracks found from their original albums. I think I’ll pass…


Album: Caramel Crunch
Genre: Rock, VocalsCROW’SCLAW’s first touhou arrangement album with vocals on it! Really excited for this album Taka’s last album, Sepia Recollections is one of my favorite albums of all time. This album is rock though, but the crossfade was really interesting and I’m sure Taka will do a great job on this album. Mei Ayakura and Show Ikeda are featured again on this album, but no Nachi Sakaue :(. There are two new vocalists in Erica Masaki and 普透明度.


Circle: DDBY
Album: Hifuu Ryokouki
Genre: Easy Listening, PianoTypical DDBY relaxing goodness.


Circle: foxfactory
Album: Touhou Gensoukai -Chireiden no Oto-
Genre: OrchestralOne of the most consistent touhou circles with the best orchestral arrangements. As always, I look forward to Yukkie’s albums. This should be a good listen.


Circle: Pizuya’s Cell
Album: 基底現実と仮想空間
Genre: Metal, Electronic, VocalsCrossfade sounded good, with their new style that incorporates DnB and some dubstep into their metal arrangements. 3L and Meramipop return for this album.


Circle: ShibayanRecords
Album: TOHO bossanova 3
Genre: Easy Listening, VocalsThe third album of their bossanova series. Might be a good album, at the very least it has nachi as a vocalist here!


Circle: Surreacheese
Genre: Jazz, Saxophone, VocalsSurreacheese is slowly becoming one of my favorite circles as I’ve been recently discovering his albums. Very nice jazz arrangements with saxophones played by the arranger himself.


Developer: Twilight Frontier (tasofro)
Game: Shoot Shoot Nitori
Genre: Sidescrolling shooterNitoriiiiiii~

Oh man… this game looks EPIC! From the makers of thw official touhou fighting games and Grief Syndrome, Tasofro brings us Shoot, Shoot Nitori. I can’t wait to play this game!



Developer: Strawberry Bose
Game: 東方玄夢妖譚~乱 (Touhou Genmu, Nightmare of Rebellion ~ EX)
Genre: RPGThe expansion pack for Nightmare of Rebellion, supposedly featuring a scenario with Ran in it. Other than that and balance changes, I don’t know what else the expension adds. Really looking forward to it, as I am working on playing through NoR right now.

So far the original game is quite similar to Devil of Decline. The game mechanics have been changed of course, and the graphics updated. The music is fantastic like always, featuring their own touhou arrangements.


Developer: Strawberry Bose
Game: Touhou Gensou Maroku ~ The Devil of Decline ~ Festival
Genre: RPGThe compilation of the original Devil of Decline and its expansion pack. Features balance changes and a change to how Shikigamis are obtained. In the original, shikigamis had a set percentage to capturing them, which could take a long time to farm for. In Festival, it has been changed so that it is like NoR’s doppel system. In addition to the set capture percentage, after killing a certain amount of them, you will automatically obtain them. For full list of changes, see here.

I don’t think I’ll play this game until an english patch is released, as it took me a really long time to finish the original + EX in japanese. Though with the balance changes, requirement changes, and my knowledge of the game, my second playthough should be much smoother and faster.

My review of the original game + EX can be found here.

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