Komeiji Sisters by @Kiiminy

Hello everyone!

Subterranean Animism is easily my favorite game in terms of music, along with Mountain of Faith. Most recently, xi-on’s UNDER FEST was easily my favorite album of Reitaisai 14. I recently had the opportunity to commission some artwork from @kiiminy, so I thought it would be pretty cool to have her draw the Komeiji Sisters.


They’re just adorable, aren’t they?! I love the usage of Koishi’s eye to form a hear the middle of the two sisters. I also love their glowing chibi eyes! Really outstanding work, and totally exceeded my expectations. I do have 1 more commission from her, which will be coming in sometime in the future.

Also, you may share the image but please credit it to @kiiminy and do not use it for any personal use.  If you guys are interested in commissioning some chibis from her, her form is still open! $20 per character.

On a side note, we should be getting some Comiket 92 previews pretty soon. I’m excited for some more Touhou music!

[Reitaisai 14] xi-on – UNDER FEST -アンダー・フェスト-

cover 2

[xi-on] – UNDER FEST
Genre – Orchestral, instrumental

Hi everyone! It’s my first music related post in a while, as explained in my previous post. First up on the review list is an amazing album by xi-on, released a few weeks ago during Reitaisai 14.

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Reitaisai 14 & Streaming on Twitch


Hi everyone!

Its been a long time since my last post. I hope that you are all doing well. As you guys probably already know, Reitaisai 14 happened recently and there is some great new music to listen to and write about. I’m sorry that I skipped over Comiket 91. I think I will eventually go back and review some albums, but I don’t think I will do an overview post on it. I’d rather move onto the more recent music from Reitaisai 14.

Part of the reason why I’ve been inactive here lately is because I’ve just been watching streams and playing games more often nowadays. I even started streaming some games myself on Twitch. Lately I’ve been streaming NieR Automata and Trails in the Sky the 3rd. I also stream Osu on weekends as well. I don’t have much of a schedule at the moment aside from sometimes weekdays 9pm-11pm EST and random times on weekends. If you guys are interested in watching me play Osu or JRPGs, please watch my stream at Twitch.tv/thegunner100.

Anyways, look forward to some Reitaisai 14 posts in the future! Frozen Starfall, Baguettes Ensemble, and xi-on have all had amazing albums this event. Alstroemeria Records is actually listenable this time around, with a very good compilation of Ayame’s tracks.

Happy Memorial Day to the American readers here and hopefully a decent monday for the rest of the world.

Til next time!

[Comiket 89] Release Hallucination – Melancholia


[Release Hallucination] – Melancholia
Genre – Progressive Metal, Vocal, Original
Site | XFD

A short 2 track single by a progressive metal circle called Release Hallucination. It’s my first time hearing their work but it sounds pretty good. The recording quality is a tad bit better than what I’ve heard from other doujin hard rock or metal circles. The instruments aren’t smeared sounding and Emi’s voice is very clear. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re into Progressive Metal. Check out their Bandcamp page for their other works.

Originally published 3/1/2016

I’ve got another EP up for review today! This time it’s a progressive metal EP by Release Hallucination, a progressive metal circle consisting of Emi on vocals/lyrics and Kaorin on guitars/composition.

Now, I’ve only discovered them recently through Melancholia’s preview. Since then, I’ve listened to their previous EPs and full album. How did they sound? Pretty damn awesome. Read on for my brief impressions.

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[Comiket 89] AVTechNO! – PULSE


Genre – Electronic, Vocaloid, Original
Site | XFD

Originally published 2/16/2016
I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard this preview on 9tensu, long after C89 was over. AVTechNO! is a doujin circle that I’ve never heard of before, but it seems have been around for a while. Vocaloid fans will probably be more aware of his works than touhou fans, as he only makes vocaloid music. He specializes in techno and electronic music as his name implies, but his works vary a bit in style.

PULSE is an EP consisting of two songs voiced by Hatsune Miku, an instrumental track, and instrumental versions of the Miku songs. It’s the first vocaloid album that I’ll be reviewing here! Read on for the full review.

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[Comiket 89] Osamuraisan – Osamuraisan Selection vol.7 ~Bosa Lon~


[Osamuraisan] – Osamuraisan Selection vol.7 ~Bosa Lon~
Genre – Acoustic Guitar, Bossa Nova, Vocaloid/original
Site | XFD

Osamuraisan… how should I put this? He’s a damn doujin music GOD. I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of him before this album. I discovered this album randomly while looking through 9tensu’s C89 albums. The crossfade immediately caught my ears because I’ve been starving for some acoustic guitar music ever since Forest306 went on break (he’s sort of back now btw). In addition, the music was also Bossa Nova, one of my favorite genres! Third point, as if the first two weren’t enough, was the beautiful voice that I was hearing from Lon. I couldn’t resist listening to the album soon after hearing the preview.

A little bit about Osamuraisan: he is a solo doujin artist who specializes in making acoustic guitar arrangements of popular vocaloid songs. You can find his music on his YouTube channel, Spotify, and Google Music. I believe that his YT channel has a lot of arrangements that aren’t released on his albums, so be sure to check those out as well.

Anyways! Just to reiterate, this album is a bossa nova arrangement album of 6 popular vocaloid/original songs. They’re all sung by Lon but Osamuraisan also included 6 instrumental versions for those who are more interested in his guitar work. Ready for the review? Read on!

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[Comiket 89] CROW’SCLAW – Angel’s Wings


[CROW’SCLAW] – Angel’s Wings
Genre – Alternative Metal/Vocal, Original
Site | XFD

It’s about damn time, Taka! He’s finally gracing us with a full vocal album 1.5 years after his last one,Caramel Crunch. This time around, we only have Show Ikeda and Futoumeido on vocals. It’s a shame that there’s no Mei Ayakura or Nachi, but i’m not going to complain since I’m happy with the two other returning vocalists.

The crossfade sounded very good to my ears, and is a great indication that the album will turn out fantastic. Like Sepia Recollections, this is an original alternative metal album with vocals.

Originally published 1/12/2016
As one of my most anticipated albums of C89, does Angel’s Wings live up to my expectations? Read on to find out.

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